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Pekka Airaksinen - Buddhas Of Golden Light

by Pekka Airaksinen

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The next release on Arc Light Editions is legendary underground record, Buddhas Of Golden Light, by former member of The Sperm and Nurse With Would-listed Pekka Airaksinen.

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Buddhas Of Golden Light is a highly sought after crate digger’s classic, originally self-released by Airaksinen in 1984. Airaksinen, a member of legendary Finnish improv group The Sperm, originally recorded the album to tape, using an 808 and DX7, with improvised saxophone, taken from an epic week-long solo session, with Antero Helander featured on one track. Buddhas Of Golden Light is a true underground record that sounds like very little else ever made before or since. Simultaneously alarming and disarming, Airaksinen has co-opted the sound of the 808 and manipulated his DX7 for a cosmic spiritual jam, Sun Ra style.

Artist bio: Pekka Airaksinen
Airaksinen has been actively making music since the 1960s. Buddhas of Golden Light is from a series of albums he began making in the 1980s, each of which is dedicated to one of the thousand Buddhas, many of which are self-released. Currently, he is about a hundred Buddhas down. He is included in the infamous Nurse With Wound list.

Airaksinen is mainly known for the controversial Finnish underground group The Sperm, formed in 1967. The collective’s recordings resembled the noise and industrial music of the 70s and 80s, with a pro-drug, pro-sexual revolution rhetoric and a dadaist sense of humour, influenced by American free jazz, underground rock, and anarchism. After The Sperm disbanded in 1970, Airaksinen continued making experimental music in his own studio. His music is characterised by out-of-sync rhythms, intense dynamics, and feverish visions. His approach is consciously unpolished, spontaneous, and improvised, a cosmic electro-jazz sound developed in the 80s, fusing free jazz and the 808. In the 90s he began to incorporate techno influences, filtered through his Buddhist philosophy. He continues to make music into the present day.